Back To The Future

Elizabeth Goetz, Editor

Flying cars seem to be a mere figment of a Hollywood director’s imagination. However, they may become a reality far sooner than you’d believe. According to The Donut daily news, “Shares of General Motors jumped yesterday to their highest levels since the company started publicly trading again in 2010. The increase came after GM… announced a potential foray into Cadillac-branded electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles (eVTOLs) – more commonly known as flying cars.” These vehicles will travel up to 90 kilometers per hour (about 56 mph) and be completely autonomous, meaning that they will pilot themselves. The company’s concept video is linked below.

Additionally, Fiat Chrysler has announced a deal with Archer to speed up the process and lower their electric flying car design costs. According to CNBC, “Archer’s aircraft is expected to carry passengers for 60 miles at speeds of up to 150 mph.” Unlike General Motors’ design, this aircraft vehicle must have a pilot. Furthermore, “The company plans to unveil a demonstrator aircraft later this year, followed by FAA certification by 2024.” 

While many different companies have prospect designs for their version of the flying vehicle, only one has paired with Uber to create a flying taxi. According to, CEO of Hyundai Motor North America, Jose Munoz, told the media that, “Hyundai foresees air taxis taking to city skylines in Los Angeles and New York City by 2028, or maybe earlier… Munoz said the automaker has already built vehicles suitable for flying that can seat five to six passengers and zip around for short-distance flights. He doesn’t envision the aircraft as a vehicle to go everywhere, though. Instead, they may pick up passengers from urban or suburban locations and then fly off to a major airport. Even if we do get flying taxis in just seven years, they won’t be ready to nab you from home and tack you to your buddy’s house a few miles away.”

General Motors’ concept video:



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