Inauguration Day Approaching

Delani English, Reporter

On November 3, 2020, millions of Americans rushed to the ballot boxes to cast their vote for President. Many disputes caused riots, and assumptions of voter fraud and miss counts arose and even went to court. However, besides the break-ins and protests at the Capitol building, things are starting to calm down.

January 20th is Inauguration Day. The inauguration is where our president and vice president-elect will step into the Capitol building to say a binding oath that will secure their spot in the White House for the next four years if everything goes as planned. Senator Kamala Harris will be sworn in first and former Vice- President Biden will follow. After this momentous ceremony, the new President will give their Inaugural Address and then off to the White House for the Signing Ceremony. Next, there is a luncheon and a pass in review. Finally, after this extensive process, we will have a brand new President!