Long Stretch to Spring Break

Zachery Harmon, reporter

School can be fun, but sometimes you need a little break. Here at Cimarron High, we have two days off until our Spring break in March. Those two days are January 18, 2021 (Martin Luther King Jr. Day), and February 15, 2021 (Presidents’ Day). It will be curious to see how the students will react to being in school this long stretch.

 There is no doubt that our Seniors will be looking forward to their last High School Spring Break.  It will mark the count down to graduation day.   Spring Break is usually a time for family vacations; some go to the mountains to ski, some take to the sea for a family cruise.  However, we won’t know how the spread of  COVID will be at that time.  Making it hard to determine whether travel will happen. Then the question is when we come back from Spring Break, will we get to continue in-person school?   It seems not knowing how things will go is the theme of the school year. So, enjoy these upcoming days off!