New Kid, New School

First Day At CHS Is A Success

Evan Mackey, Writer

As a new kid, I thought I’d recap my first day at Cimarron High School.  My first day at making new friends and meeting people, and at last, I am not going to a school in my hometown, Hutch. I was born in Dodge City and moved to Hutchinson; I was so young I can hardly remember it. My father recently passed away, so that’s the main reason I’m the new kid here. I like meeting new people and making new memories because I’m usually antisocial and quiet, or some would say introverted, and I strongly agree.

 I liked being popular and being mysterious. It made me feel like I was walking down the red carpet, which I love. My mother and her future husband live in a trailer in Ensign. Fun fact I was raised in a trailer park, so I feel a little at home. My Grandma’s been like a second mother to me for most of my life.  I had been living with her and my Grandpa. I loved living there as a child of divorced parents, being juggled around from house to house or from place to place.  It’s great to have a fresh new start at CHS. Hutchinson High school was way too stressful, and then add in the global pandemic; it was too stressful.  It’s great that school is in person and not virtual too! I’m glad I’ve made friends here at CHS, and it’s making me feel confident for my new fresh start that I didn’t realize I needed.