Environmental Class New to CHS

Layne Johnson, Staff Writer

Every second semester at Cimarron High, you choose new classes that are of interest to you.  A new course offered this year is Environmental Science. Mrs. Johnson teaches the class. When you hear this class’s name, you think that you will be inside doing worksheets the whole period, but it is more than that. You will always be active and still taking part in fun, hands-on activities. Once spring comes around, you will often be outside working in the school garden. Some of the jobs you will take part in is pulling weeds, tilling, hoeing, and building fences around the garden. There is a lot of work when it comes to planning and having a garden to maintain.  

This environmental science class will prepare students to be responsible for taking care of the environment. At times, the students will go on field trips to landfills and recycling centers to further enhance their knowledge of their local environment and the issues it faces. This course aims to teach students the proper skills needed to solve environmental problems that currently or could impact their local environment.