Bluejays head to Winter Jam Tournament

Bluejays move on to next round

Delani English, Feature Writer

On Tuesday, January 19, 2021, the Cimarron Bluejays headed to the Hoisington Winter Jam tournament for the girls to take on the Ellsworth Bearcats and for the boys to go up against the Hoisington Cardinals. 

The Lady Jays game against the Ellsworth Bearcats began at 6 p.m, and Cimarron started the first quarter strong with a three-pointer by Emily Acton. The win was the first of many successes throughout the night as the girls won by a blowout of 60 to 16.

Later that evening, the boys’ game was action-packed. The gym was small, and both teams having cheerleaders and people on the bench. The court floor was packed to the brim. In the first half, the two teams were neck and neck just trying to make enough points to get ahead. The fans from both schools were yelling, and every action made was extravagant. However, as exciting as it was, the Bluejays still lost 54-65.  

The Bluejays will be attending the Hoisington Tournament today and Saturday.  The games will be broadcast on the Bluejay Network.