Bluejay Music Review- PB Carti

Evan Mackey, Feature Writer

PB Carti had the entire rap/hip hop genre’s entire music industry at their toes, expecting greatness with WLR (Whole Lotta Red). All fans got was disappointment instead. Die Lit came out three years ago, reaching number 3rd on the billboard of 200 US albums. This was Carti at his peak, and it sparked a whole new wave in the rap game. His uniqueness of Perrier’s beats made something that carved the music industry, and rappers/artists since have been getting inspiration from the album. Many artists have been trying to recreate Carti’s (baby voice) that made his music apart from the beats so much different. 

There were 19 songs in Die Lit compared to his newer WLR album with 24 songs, which sounds like heaven for fans but was indeed the opposite. WLR hit 35 on the top 100 on the US hot 100, which I think was surprising because of the quality. I think it only got that far because of the fan base’s hype and suspense because fans had leaked many good sounding music clips that weren’t even featured on WLR. 

WLR was amazing for a small number of people, but most of the fanbase wasn’t pleasant. WLR has no order from song to song, and it sounds unfinished because it was. Carti’s personality change affected his music, and it can be shown. Carti’s ex-girlfriend was flaming him online to not care for their baby and claim rumors about the things he’s done to him. Carti was held off making his album, but he had to care for his child in return, which I agree was the right thing.

WLR has many features, and sometimes they even overthrow the actual song and make it seem like it isn’t even his. Compared to his first album Die Lit, the beats seemed random, and there were way too many ad-libs and even more randomness. A few days before WLR dropping on Christmas, Carti released merch for his new album; many fans were surprised, and some even outraged because the theme was the occult and the devil, which of course, wasn’t right.

Fans say WLR only has two good songs out of the 24; if that isn’t enough to justify the album, I don’t know what it is. The music industry waited three years for only two good new songs. This can well be the very downfall of Carti, and many fans don’t want to accept it because it might very well be the case for the fans and the music industry.