Poet Laureate eloquently reminds Americans to be the light.

Delani English, Feature Writer

Poet LaureatePoet LaureateWednesday, January 19, 2021, we inducted Joe Biden and Kamala Harris into their respective white house places. During the Inauguration, 22-year-old Amanda Gorman recited a poem titled “The Hill We Climb” that was just under 6 minutes long. It was very emotional as it discussed all the trials and hardships that we have faced in this trying year and how we could improve. In her words, she stated that “We are far from polished, and far from pristine, but that doesn’t mean we are striving to form a Union that is PERFECT. We are trying to forge our union with purpose…” Amanda also adds in bits about the trials the black community faced this year and other cultures’ issues. However, in addition to discussing all of the horrible problems we have been faced with, she thinks we should see the new year as a victory.  That we have reached, a light at the end of a dark tunnel, and how we have “witnessed a nation that isn’t broken, but simply unfinished.”