Goal Setting

A Senior takes on setting goals.

Elizabeth Goetz, Editor

Numerous studies have shown that only three to eight percent of the population set goals for themselves. So what happens when you’re the other 92 to 97 percent? Surely you can still be successful, right?

While you may look at the word “goal” and roll your eyes from the innumerable amount of times you’ve been told how beneficial understanding your goals can be, goal-setting isn’t always sitting down at a desk and being told to, “get out a piece of paper and write three things that you’d like to accomplish by the end of the year.” You know what you need to get done to work towards success; why would you waste your time writing everything out, right?

If goal setting hasn’t worked for you in the past, it’s likely that you haven’t been doing it right. Goal setting and prioritizing doesn’t automatically make you productive. Keep in mind that every person is different. However, this is how I use goal setting throughout my day to day life, and how that has been helpful for me.

Google Calendar has been nothing short of a lifesaver throughout my high school career. Its customizable features and user-friendly system makes it a quick and easy-to-use tool for prioritizing and organizing every day. To add to this, the “tasks” sidebar is exceptionally convenient for long term goals and lists. As a senior, managing each scholarship, college application, graduation notification, and any other important detail is necessary. With this program, I have been able to do that better than I honestly expected. Overall, if you’re someone like me, who has to have a list to get anything done, I would 100% recommend this program and all of the features that it holds.