Garden of Words is Worth the Watch

Evan Mackey, Feature Writer/Review Writer

Even though this is only a 45-minute movie, “Garden of Words” is a masterpiece. Garden of Words is a Japanese Anime that’s one of the most beautiful films I’ve ever seen, and it involves a lot with nature. The movie is a love story between a 15-year-old and a 27-year-old teacher. I know it sounds peculiar at first, but it just works with the film. Akatsuki, the main character, is a 15-year-old in high school and has a routine of everyday life, but he dreams of becoming a shoemaker. Miss Yukino is a 27-year-old teacher. She got harassed countless times for rumors of being with several men and was almost left with nothing. She would go to the park every day and go under a benched area, and this area is the most famous and most played spot in the movie. The park is also where they first meet. Akatsuki rides the subway, visits the park, and skips his first-class period whenever it rains. Yukino visits the park to get away from the kids at the school. There she drinks alcohol and eats chocolate because of her disorder. Akatsuki draws sketches and writes notes in his pamphlet until they start talking to each other. It starts dry, but they soon want to see each other every day even though they don’t know anything about one another, they can only see each other when it rains, which is the movie’s theme.

They start slowly learning little by little about each other while the viewer sees what their life is really like without them seeing each other. They both have dreams, and both wish to fulfill them with each other in their lives. The movie shows the claustrophobic scene of Japan. They both go to the garden to see each other, but they do it mostly to receive a periodic time of peace. Yukino seems lost with her life, and she goes to the garden to question herself if she can learn how to walk and persevere with her own life. Akatsuki saved her life, and in the end, he examines if he was learning how to walk through his life as well.  Akatsuki works every day of his summer to afford his shoemaking career and lives in his different world with his mindset and reality. He isolates himself and works his hardest to complete his dream of becoming a shoemaker. 

Yukinoo and Akasuki see each other every day in Japan’s rainy season, and it was the best time of their lives even though they knew little to nothing about each other. The scenery is impressive in the movie, and there’s a lot of poetry references.  It’s a relaxing movie, and it’s only 45min which is good and bad at the same time. I wish the film were longer, that’s the only con I have to say about the movie, but it’s fantastic nevertheless. The rainy season starts to end, and summer arrives, which means they can’t see each other. They split apart for the summer and focus on their sleeves thinking about each other every night. When they finally meet each other, it’s sunny, and when they start talking to each other, it begins thundering and raining. Yukino brings Akatsuki to her apartment, and they make dinner and have fun with each other. 

Akatsuki finally breaks the ice and admits that he loves her. Yukino freezes and is shocked, but she turns back and explains that she has to move next week back to her hometown. Things become silent, and Akasuki thanks her for everything and leaves. Yukino sits down and begins rethinking and starts balling. Suddenly, she starts dashing after him down the stairs and falls several times to get back to him. Yukino eventually catches him, and he tells her that he hates her. He wishes he never talked to her about his dreams and calls her sick and disgusting. He begins yelling and crying, but Yukino’s already crying. She jumps and hugs him telling him that he’s the reason she’s still living.  He saved her life.  At the same time, she was scared of everyone else. The movie ends, but there’s still a minute after credits.  It Akasuki walking to their garden spot in winter and thinking about her while this is happening, Yukino is teaching at her new job thinking about him. I enjoyed this movie, and I have personally watched it four times to learn everything out of it. I came across this movie while listening to music. The film was playing in the background of the song. I eventually found out what the movie was called. I highly recommend this movie, even though it’s a Japanese anime. I thought it was going to be weird, but I’m glad I pushed play.