YouTuber finds himself in trouble.

Call Me Carson may not be calling anyone

Evan Mackey, Feature Writer/Opinon

Call Me Carson, a streamer/YouTuber who has gotten into complications after coming forward with his friends about talking to minors. Call Me Carson talked to these minors while he was 19, but he is currently 22 and still has evidence of speaking to children after admitting he stopped. Call Me Carson has sent and gotten inappropriate pictures from minors on Snapchat and Discord and have proof of the messages they sent. Call Me Carson’s Net worth is estimated at $750,000. He has several million followers on Twitch and YouTube alone and has played with the industry’s most significant streamers/gamers.

Lunch Club is their YouTube (group) that consists of prominent YouTubers in their friend group has recently gotten broken up and has let many people down, including me. Call Me Carson told his closest friends about the incidents several years ago, and they thought it was a one-time thing, but that indeed wasn’t the case. Call Me Carson has not yet posted any feedback on the incident and his fans for an apology. It exploded several weeks ago, which of course, has lost him subscribers, followers, and hate on the entire internet. 

Call Me Carson is a comedian on Youtube, and I would guess be the last type of person doing this type of thing. I agree that he should pay the price for seeking to chat with minors.  But, on the other hand, I’m sad that one of my favorite YouTubers is going to get shut down most likely and canceled off the internet. Call Me Carson is a great content creator, and I’m disappointed that their amazing comedic group on YouTube will shut down soon.  

The minor chat isn’t Call me Carson’s first run-in with drama after becoming famous for being cheated on with Katerino which was also a popular streamer. Katerino was cheating on him with at least five other guys and got called out for it and flamed. Call Me Carson says he had depression afterward, and you can see it affected him. Call Me Carson has yet to address the current situation and probably come out soon with an apology video or a response. He might be quitting, which I fear, but I think he deserves it a little. I hope he gets what he deserves, but I wish he still makes content and funny videos and streams, but that will most likely not be the case.  You can’t break the law and expect nothing to happen.