CHS Art Student of the Month

Layne Johnson, Feature Writer/Sports Writer

Kennedy and her artwork.

“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness,”-Anni Albers. Each month the Bluejay Post picks a student that is an art student of the month. This month, the bluejay post has decided to pick Kennedy Jarnigan. Kennedy is a sophomore this year, and she has been in art for four years now. She started coloring when she was a kid, and then she was hooked. Jarnigan then began drawing more complex pieces. She also rates herself as an average artist.  

Kennedy’s favorite activity to do in class is shading. Shading is a piece drawn only with pencil and different grey shades, which helps create the illusion of depth on paper. In class, the students are currently working on painting warm-up projects, which gives the students an idea of what techniques they want to use in their piece. Kennedy has a big passion for art, but she doesn’t want to have a career in art because she wants to try different jobs, but she will continue art as a hobby. Kennedy Jarnagin will continue her passion for art and maybe even become a young Picasso.