NFL Conference Championship Story Lines

Josh Weishapl, Sports Writer

  • Green Bay Packers v.s. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Aaron Rodgers struggles in Conference Championship games as opposing quarterback, Tom Brady, got the best of the Packer’s defense. Tampa Bay’s defense was stellar against the Packer’s ground game, keeping the entire Green Bay rushing attack under 70 yards total. Tampa Bay wins, 31-26.


  • Kansas City Chiefs v.s. Buffalo Bills- The Bills defense did not step up against the brilliant Chiefs offense. Mahomes and the Chiefs offense tallied up 440 yards of total offense. Josh Allen of the Bills threw for 287 yards, 2 TD’s, and one interception. Allen was also their leading rusher with 88 yards on the ground. Kansas City takes the ‘W’ by a score of 38-24.