Is Dating Outdated? A Mans Point-of-View

Do Phones Keep Romance at Bay?

Is Dating Outdated?  A Mans Point-of-View

Layne Johnson, Feature Writer/Sports Writer

Love is an intense feeling of deep affection. When you truly love someone or have strong feelings for a person, you might end up dating that special someone. Whenever you get a chance to talk to that person, you will probably ask them out on a date. If you’re lucky, she may say yes. Over the years, dating has changed dramatically—simple changes like asking someone out on a date and then going out date. Nowadays, people rarely ask someone out on a date in person. They usually ask someone on a text or even dating sites. Some elders say it is even pathetic.

The changes in dating have made it hard for some people to adjust. Some people haven’t altered or refuse to do so. If you want to date someone, do it the right way. Ask them out on a date in person. Please don’t do it on a text. You need to gain confidence because you will be afraid to talk to her if you don’t. So you need to ask that special girl out in person. 

Nowadays, asking someone out isn’t the only thing that has changed. Most people avoid eye-to-eye contact. Instead, they stare at their phones and not pay attention to each other. You don’t get to know each other because you are too busy looking at their phones. That’s what you do when you are on a date. You get to see the person, have a couple of laughs, and have a good time. That’s the way it should be. That’s the way it should always be.