COVID Vaccines May Benefit Many In Education


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Doctor drawing up Covid-19 vaccine from glass phial bottle and filling syringe injection for vaccination.

Aysha Kemp, Reporter

Our school has done a great job veering away from online schooling, but many teachers have gone home sick or to be quarantined like students. The question would be that COVID vaccinations are an easy way to meet our needs because many school districts ask.

As we carry on to the second semester and the new year, we want to work better. Unfortunately, one thing that hasn’t left is COVID- 19.  As a school, we are doing well compared to other schools. According to Mrs. Stebens, “We are very fortunate compared to other schools. We haven’t had a shutdown, so that speaks for itself enough.”  As a school, we have continued to carry on to the second semester without going virtual. When a student has COVID, that student must go home, but students who sat close or had personal contact with them must also go home, called quarantine. Our first attempt at going virtual was back in March of 2020; according to Mrs. Wilson, “It was a learning experience. I think overall, we did many great things and also learned areas we could make things better.” If the school was to have to go virtual again, Mrs. Wilson also says, “We have a plan and are ready to go online, I am sure that we would have a few growing pains, but overall our teachers have worked very hard to ensure that we are ready to meet the needs of our students and families.” 

The Gray County Health Department is currently administering vaccines. Mrs. Wilson, principal of CHS, says, “At this time, no one is required to vaccinate. Teachers will have the choice to make on their own.” Our school has less to do with the number of students getting this virus and the teachers being in quarantine for two weeks. As a school, we have a bare minimum number of substitutes to cover for those teachers who might be home due to the virus. If the CHS teachers get the vaccination, they will no longer have to be traced or quarantined.  That benefits teachers in school, so the students don’t have to deal with a long-term substitute. However, not all teachers will get the vaccine, as this is a personal choice.