Valentine’s Day: Do We Love It Or Hate It?

Valentine's Day: Do We Love It Or Hate It?

Darbi Nash, Feature Writer

Ok, yes, it is nice to receive candy, flowers and go on cute dates with that special someone or an individual you aren’t even romantically involved with, like a friend. In all reality, though, is it worth all of the stress? According to, February is the second most depressing month of the year. Partially because it is a winter month (which many people are already depressed throughout the winter), the other reason would be Valentine’s Day. 

Whether you are in a relationship or single, Valentine’s Day can cause an immense amount of stress. Scurrying to find the “perfect” valentine’s gift, or just trying to find a valentine. Also, people can consistently bug you with questions like “What are your plans for the big V-Day?” “Have you asked so-and-so yet?” Even if you manage to catch that special someone, then the stress of having to get the date/gift expectations of V-Day can also be excruciating to execute.

“I feel lonely. Watching all the couples around me act all lovey-dovey over one day makes me nauseous as well. Keep that at HOME!” said an anonymous source. Many other people don’t care about the holiday and treat it like a regular day. They also noted that there is no point in the holiday because not many people do care, and if they do, they end up super stressed over it. “You should show and appreciate the ones you love more than one day a year.” (anonymous)

So is Valentine’s Day worth all the fuss?  Let us know what you think!