Riverdale High School Season 3 Review “The Game”

Part 1

Delani English, Feature Writer

From my previous article, there is the farm issue on top of the dark past behind the Gryphons & Gargoyles game.

Betty’s sister Polly joined the farm almost immediately after getting out of the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. However, none of us was aware of what was going on or where this establishment is located. Throughout season 3, Polly visits her mother more frequently than the last season, and eventually, Alice gets roped into Edgar Evernever, the leaders, clutches as well. Soon, one by one, many of Betty’s classmates join the farm through the persuasion of Eveline, Edgar’s “daughter.” 

While grappling with the loss of her sister, her mother, and her peers to this dreaded cult, Betty does some research and discovers that Eveline has been a junior in high school, or posing to be, for at least six years, and is not Edgar’s 17-year-old daughter, but his 26-year-old wife! Using this, she tries to lure her mom out of the cult. However, Alice claims that this is not new information and tries to get Betty to join her with Edgar and the other “farmies,” as they are called. But she refuses and heads back to town. 

Eventually, after Betty’s college fund is given away and her house sold, she has nowhere else to go and decides to fake join the farm to get new leads. Sure enough, Betty discovers that Edgar has been performing “minor” procedures on his followers and that her friend Tony is next up. With this clue, she explores the farm’s facility rooms and discovers that Edgar has been running an organ farm. She steals a more relaxed from the freezer that contains a kidney and manages to free her friends safely while the other farm members run away to some mysterious place for ascension night. Alice is still wrapped in Edgar’s clutches. 

Finally, many episodes later, we discover that the real Charles Smith is not dead, but an FBI agent who has recruited his mother to investigate the farm. After Betty hears of this, she finds the farm’s new location and saves everybody from its clutches, excluding Evelin and her husband Edgar, who was shot in self-defense by Alice herself. 

Now, the person who had everybody reeling is Charles. What is the real story between him and Chic, and is he truly somebody Betty can trust?