Eat Pie They Said, It’ll Be Fun They Said

JH Kay Club Host Pie Eating Contest


Jenna Seabolt

Seventh grader, Brody Schmidt after winning the pie eating contest.

Winner! Brody Schmidt holds his winnings after competing in the JH Kay Club pie-eating contest. (Jenna Seabolt)
Damian Bond, competing in the JH Kay Club pie-eating contest. (Jenna Seabolt)

The Junior High Kay Club sponsored their second annual Pie Eating Contest, Friday, October 9.  The contest was open to all Junior High students and was held in the CHS auditorium last Friday.  Mrs. Jantz, Kay Club sponsor, explained, “we had students sign up, and then we drew 5 names out of the hat to decide who would compete.” The goal of the contest is to be the first one to eat 5 mini pies.  The one who completed such a messy but tasty task was seventh-grader Brody Schmidt. When asked how he felt after eating so much pie, he replied, “First of all, I don’t ever want to do that again! The money was good, though, and I have already spent the prize money on the vending machines.”

Other contestants were seventh-graders Damian Bond, Kyle Riley, Tayven Schaefer, and eighth-grader Aidan Crow.