Princess Mononoke Review

Evan Mackey, Feature Writer- Film

Have you thought about new movies to watch that’ll live rent-free in your brain? Well, Princess Mononoke is a fantastic animation movie made by the award-winning director Hayao Miyazaki that has also made Spirited Away (2001) and My Neighbor Totoro (1988), which have both won many awards. Princess Mononoke was produced in (1997) and had a total length of 2h and 14min. People even compare that Princess Mononoke is way better than Spirited away, which is the most excellent movie most fans love. Here’s why Princess of Mononoke is a masterpiece. Some points make a movie stick to the viewer and involve themselves with the film and make it a wonderful experience to watch. Now I’ll explain why you should experience watching Princess Mononoke and soaking in all the yummy goodness. The visuals, the dynamic characters, and the storytelling are amazing in Princess of Mononoke. In every Hayao Miyazaki film, there’s a beautiful theme and message to the viewers that will leave them in awe.

First of all, any of the three movies you’ll watch from Hayao Miyazaki are excellent and even involved with a culture still today, and most people will have heard of or seen any of these three beautiful movies. The visuals make you speechless; of course, the animation looks a little old, but it still looks impressive and competes even with today’s animation: the Animation suits itself and the movie’s setting. The visuals make you experience the magical forest the film takes part. From the birds whistling to the sound of wolves running and even the wind blowing, this movie is magical. The forest has many mountains and has lakes as well. The forest spirits island inside the woods on a lake is beautiful and is often visited in the movie. 

The characters in this movie are fantastic. The two main characters are a young prince named Ashitaka and the princess of the wolves, San. Think of her as a female Tarzan but raised by wolves. She refers to herself as a wolf and is called the “Princess of Wolves” because her parents abandoned her when her parents got scared of the wolves and ran off and dropped their child. Ashitaka is a prince from a faraway village called Emishi village. He is prophesied to lift away the demon’s curse given to him by a demon that consumed a boar. He must travel west into another land to seek the forest spirit and to make sure no one else bears the curse. The curse will slowly take over his body and kill him. He travels to the west and is caught in Ironsvill, and between a waging war between animal and human over the beautiful forest, He meets San. He saves her while almost dying. The forest spirit protects him, and Ironsvill wants to take the forest spirit’s head for money. 

This isn’t the first war for the forest, but it will most likely be the last. The princess of Ironsvill takes the head of the forest spirit, and all hell breaks loose while there the primary fight taking place in their village. The war is chaos and leaves many boars, wolves, and animals die. The boar’s leader is known as a god, just like the forest spirit, and is over 100 years old. He has turned white from age and is blind. He leads the boars into the war and gets consumed by the same demon that took the other boar leader than cursed Ashitaki. The godly boar Okkoto soaks in San and almost dies while this is occurring. The Forest’s spirit’s head and body are turning into an evil creature. Ashitaki saves San and must stop the evil creature that the forest spirit has turned. They chase after the head and offer it back as forgiveness while everything in nature is dying as they speak. The forest spirit forgives the humans and explodes and heals everything in the forest as a sacrifice as itself. San and Ashitaki look at their curse marks, and they see that it’s healed, and he’s fulfilled his proficiency and healed the land and created peace among creature and human.