Risking Her Life For A Better One

Aaron Garcia, Feature Writer

My mother is a U.S. citizen but was born in Mexico. She crossed the border when she was 19 years old with my two-year-old sister in her arms and five other girls and four men. My mom went across the border because she wanted to be with my dad to raise my sister together. She says the walk itself was pretty easy.   They went around a river so they wouldn’t have to go through it, but the most challenging thing about it was when they had to stay overnight outside when their coyote  (a person who helps immigrants pass safely to the USA) got caught by the police. They were left stranded and had to hide from helicopters above looking for people. My mom and another girl wanted to turn themselves in because of how cold the night was getting. They barely had any blankets to keep warm, and the dirt floor didn’t help out at all. They didn’t turn around because they didn’t want to run into any border patrol officers. The coyote showed up the next morning thankfully, and he helped them cross the border. He brought them to one of his friends’ houses because he had to go back to Mexico and bury his mom, who had passed the day he helped my mom and the others cross. They were there for about eight days, and after that, they arrived in Dodge City, and that’s where my mom lived for about a year, and the rest is history.  She risked everything to have a better life.