Riverdale Review Season 2

Delani English, Feature Writer

At the beginning of season 2, we pick up exactly where the first season ended—Fred Andrews’ shooting. With Fred in the hospital and the whole town in a frenzy with a shooter on the loose, Archie is obsessed with finding his dad’s attacker, known as The Black Hood. 

While Fred is in recovery, Archie is restless due to multiple killings and attacks that also, in fact, tied to the Black Hood, now a local serial killer. Archie eventually, being too exhausted to keep watch on his own, seeks the help of his girlfriend’s father, Hiram Lodge, a local mobster who recently got out of prison. While acting innocent and like an idol to Archie, Hiram causes him to form the red circle. This group, “The Red Circle,” was meant to be a way for the students of Riverdale high to stop the black hoods fowl crimes and look out for one another. Although all of this stress and struggling from regret and thoughts, we see Archie’s dark side. This is the Archie that buys a gun, starts shooting practice, and even vandalizes the southside with red circle markings. After a while, he can no longer take the heat for Hiram’s mistakes, and, even though they made a blood pack, he breaks off his ties to Mr. Lodge.

While taking a break from running schemes with Harem, Betty, Jughead, and Archie eventually discover that Mr. Sventson, the school janitor and their original suspect, was not the Black hood. It had been Hal Cooper, Betty’s dad all along. We also discover that her great grandfather and her grandfather were both serial killers! What?!

After everything that just occurred, to top it off, Archie separating himself from Heirum proves to be easier said than done. Hiram makes multiple attempts to get Archie away from his daughter Veronica and even out of Riverdale by banning Archie from the Pembrooke, the Lodge’s home, and getting him dragged out of school during his Student council inauguration on accounts of murder.