Riverdale Review Season 2

Part 2

Delani English

Even though Archie and Hiram’s stories were quite exciting, Betty and Jughead’s investigations lead to more crime and town secrets. But first, the story of Polly. 

Polly is Betty’s sister who, in season one, was pregnant with Jason Blossom’s twins. However, we discover that Polly and Jason were trying to run away to a place called “The Farm ” to have a relatively everyday life away from their family’s feuds before he died. In season two, where we occasionally see Polly, she refuses to move back home with her twins and breaks her mother’s heart. This situation infuriates Betty. So, when Betty discovers that her mom had a long-lost son, she invites Chic into their home to fill the hole in her mother’s heart.

However, Chic has a pretty shady past filled with drug abuse and webcam. In fact, within a week of being there, a man we know as the “shady guy” came looking for either drugs or payment and was shot dead by Chic on Cooper’s dining room floor. Alice and Betty cleaned up all of the blood and hid the man in a water pipe wrapped up in a rug. They later tell Jughead, Betty’s boyfriend, and together she and he take care of the man’s car and his phone by putting them in a swamp. Jughead then alerts his dad FP who takes the body, buries it, and covers it with a chemical substance, so there will be no remains left over. Later in the season, the car is found, but, thankfully, the body is not.

However, according to Betty and Jughead, the Cooper’s still have one problem, Chic himself. One day, the Blossom family read a late will from Clifford Blossom, and, since we later find out the Cooper’s are Blossoms by blood, each family member takes a blood test to see if they are eligible to receive some money, but Chic refuses. He does this by claiming that needles are an emotional issue because of his last drug problem. Although, Betty does not believe him and does some snooping in Chic’s bathroom trash to find a piece of floss laced with his blood.

Betty turns in this piece of floss to get it tested, and when the results come back, surprise! Chic is not a member of the Cooper family. Betty, Alice, and a few serpents led by Jughead tie Chic up in the basement and discover that he killed the real Charles Cooper after Alice accidentally turned him away and the two roommates got into a fight. 

Betty is told not to do anything, and Alice will go to FP for help on what to do with Chic. But Betty, still getting calls from the Black Hood, turns Chic into the serial killer to deal with him.

Where this may not be the smartest choice for Betty, nobody has seen Chic since.