CHS Students Hot for Spicy Food


Lluvia Delgado

Spicy Southern Chicken Biscuit, Jalapeno Bites, or Takis, what is your favorite spicy food?  Students from CHS talked about what their favorite spicy food is and why. Karla Salto, sophomore, said, “My favorite spicy food is lime and shrimp ramen noodles. I like them because they are delicious and they make my mouth watery, and I LOVE food!”.  

Another student that told us about their favorite spicy food is Linsi Ballesteros, a sophomore. “The spicy food that I love are enchiladas because of their flavor since they can be spicy.” In my opinion “I think that the best spicy food that I like are tamales with red chile and pork. They are so good and more when my mom makes them. I like them because of how they taste and how spicy they can be”. 

Estephania Lopez, a sophomore, said, “The spicy food that I love is Camarones a la diablo. It is my favorite because I like the mix of the seafood and the spice, especially with rice and grilled shrimp on the side”. Camarones a la diablo is a Mexican recipe where you have to do red salsa and put the shrimps to cook, and then you mix them all. If you want, then you could even make rice and eat it with it. 

WARNING! Sometimes eating a lot of spicy food can be dangerous for your stomach.