Riverdale Finale’

Fans impatiently wait for Season 5

Riverdale Finale'

Delani English

In this final season of Riverdale, until the late season 5 arrives, we, of course, follow the gang as they unravel the mysteries centered around their town. 

With Jughead’s writing becoming something of great worth, he is recruited by the prestigious preparatory school, Stone Wall Prep, to join their writing classes for his senior year. But, of course, he gets roped in a mystery that involves the original members of the secret club, Quill and Skull, after Mr. Chipping, his club’s teacher, kills himself. While digging for information on the author of the 1st  Baxter Brother’s book, he discovers that, at this academy, he happens to be a legacy. Forsythe Pendelton Jones, the first, Jughead’s grandfather, was one of the society’s original members and wrote the first rendition of the famous book series. 

So what happened to the other members? They all died in tragic “accidents” that Betty and Jug discover were put into place by one of the only members left standing other than Jughead’s grandpa, the club’s new advisor Professor Dupont who also kills himself. However, this is only after the gang discovers that he gave the other society members not only the mission of competing for the place of writing the next Baxter Brother book, which Jughead won, but to devise the perfect murder. The murder of Jughead Jones that his friends help him escape. This, of course, explains the previews of his “death” that we have been receiving throughout the season.

But, alas, there is still more. The hero of our story, Archie’s father, has sadly passed away from being hit by a car. This sends Archie into a short-lived spiral, but he bounces back by opening up a community center on the Southside and ending the use of child drug runners. And what is Archie without Veronica? Believe it or not, Archie got the center from Hiram Lodge, who just discovered that he has a crippling disease. Not aware of this information, Veronica decides to finish their feud once and for all by coming back at him with a Rum battle after he suspended her liquor license, slowing down her customers at La Bonne Nuit, her speakeasy. 

The season then concludes when the students end their anti-prom principal Mr. Honey’s career and try to lead the culprit releasing terrifying stalker-like tapes. What is in store for season five? Find out using the CW app or on Netflix in late 2021.