Mask Mandate Update

All the various masks worn by students at CHS

All the various masks worn by students at CHS

Elizabeth Goetz

It’s unlikely that many people understood the impact that the coronavirus pandemic would have on our lives last March. However, after nearly a year since the initial scare, “not having to wear masks anymore is bringing us closer to normality,” states Ryleigh Dyke.

During the Board of Education meeting on Monday, March 8, board members voted that the school follow the mask mandate updates of Gray County. Because of this, it is no longer a requirement to wear a mask during school hours. After only one day of this new update, it is accurate to say that adjusting to not wearing masks has likely been just as weird as it was adjusting to wearing masks. 

“I feel liberated that we don’t have to wear masks anymore, but we still have to be careful and at least social distance until the virus is fully resolved,” explains Nicole Yunco. It’s true that not having to remember your mask on top of everything else can be relieving. Students throughout the school seem to have similar opinions as well. For example, Rafael Trevino’s view on the update is, “It doesn’t bother me with or without the mask. But it’s nice not always having something covering your face all day.”

I hope that this is a step in the right direction. Maybe this is finally the turning point back towards what we once considered “normal.”