High School Entrepreneurs Trucking Their Way to Success

Lluvia Delgado

David Garcia, Junior, is an entrepreneur. His business partner is Jonathan Lara, also a junior. Their business name is LDLC which stands for “LosDeLaCalle,” which means “Of The Street.  Jonathan was the one who came up with the name and some of the concepts. 

To promote their business,  they vlog about their life on YouTube and make videos for their fans to enjoy while linking a website to promote their merchandise. It was difficult for them to contact influencers to promote their business, but they acquired young artists to boost their shirts, sweats, and YouTube channel. Then, people started ordering their merch. Every week they came up with new designs for shirts or sweaters. They started their business this past January. 

They are excited to participate in different events.  On March 13, 2021, they will go to a Dodge City track to market their merchandise.  A “truck meet” is where anyone can go and show off their trucks. There will be suped-up lift-kit trucks, low-riders, and trucks with hydraulics.