Deadlines, Scholarships, Exams. Oh My!

Seniors Feeling the Stress

Elizabeth Goetz

The most stressful days for the senior class seem to be upon us. The local scholarship packets are due, and graduation appears to be right around the corner. The class of 2021 is moving on to bigger things, and here’s what we have to say about it:

The nine weeks before the end of the year entail many firsts for the senior class. Graduation plans begin jumping into full gear. “With graduation coming up in two months, lots of feelings are starting to rise. It’s kind of scary to think that I will be leaving the place I have grown up in my entire life,” explains Jenna Seabolt. “As of right now… we are in the middle of getting invitations ordered and sent out.” She added that putting together plans for a graduation party with a twin has been somewhat challenging, “…especially since we are male and female. We don’t always see eye to eye.” Jenna also mentioned that she and Tate are “super excited because we get to have ice cream and s’mores for our desserts instead of the traditional cupcakes and cookies!”

Many scholarship deadlines are approaching quickly, which adds to the stress.  Whether you’re completing the local scholarship packet or filling out information for your future college, scholarships are a large part of a senior’s last semester. “With knowing the cost of the college I’ll be attending next year, I’ve spent numerous hours over the past month filling out scholarship applications,” explains Courtney Clinesmith. “I’m just waiting to see how much it paid off!”

Only six short weeks separate us from graduation, and it’s clear to see that the class of 2021 is excited to see what the future holds.