Upsets Galore

It’s Truly Madness

Josh Weishapl, Sports Writer

March Madness has begun, and it is living up to its name. This year’s annual March college basketball tournament has been one of the wildest tournaments to date. Even before the games, the craziness began as the Duke Blue Devils missed the tournament for the first time since the 94-95 season. To add to that, the Kentucky Wildcats, who are regulars in the tourney, also missed the big dance; the last time they did that was eight years ago.


This March Madness started with a bang as 15 seed Oral Roberts beat the two-seeded Ohio State in overtime. They also went on to beat the seven-seed Florida Gators in the round of 32. Abilene Christian beat the three seed Texas Longhorns in the first round but went on to another Cinderella team, the 11 seeded UCLA Bruins, in the second round. Speaking of UCLA, they made their way to the second round by defeating the Cougars of BYU by 11. The defending champion Virginia Cavaliers were dethroned by the Ohio Bobcats in the first round as well. The Purdue Boilermakers were stunned by North Texas early in the tournament when they lost 78-69. The fifth-seeded Tennessee Volunteers were blown out by 12 seed Oregon State Beavers, losing by 14 points. Finally, with the last big upset of the first round, the 11 seeded Syracuse Orange dominated the six-seed San Diego State Aztecs, winning 78-62. 


Starting off the second round, Oregon State beat the four-seed Oklahoma State Cowboys by 10. The big upset was definitely when the first seeded Illinois Fighting Illini lost to the eight seed Loyola-Chicago. Next up, the underdog seven seed, Oregon Ducks, blew out the second-seeded favorite, Iowa Hawkeyes, by a score of 95-80. As stated previously, 15 seed Oral Roberts beat the favored seven-seeded Florida Gators in the second round. Oral Roberts also made history by being the first and only 15 seed to make it past 32 and into the Sweet 16. The final upset was between the six seeded USC Trojans and the three seeded Kansas Jayhawks. The Trojans dominated KU in the second half of the game, beating them by 34 points. March Madness lived up to its name!