The Tradition Continues

Zachery Harmon


Rumors are buzzing in the halls that the Class of 2021 has been planning their “senior skip day.” Senior skip day has been a tradition at CHS for many years, dating back to the 1970s. In the 80s, students would practice for graduation, then skip out of class and head to Wilson Lake.  However, senior skip day has changed from leaving after practice to missing a full day of school.   The current seniors are planning to skip an entire school day to participate in the shenanigans.  A few seniors have said they are heading to Coldwater Lake, while another group is still tight-lipped about where they plan to go. 

We are not condoning skipping school, so don’t start thinking this is something you should do. But all CHS students can look forward to participating in a “senior skip day” in their future.  It’s worth the wait!