Brayclen Lynn- Art Student of the Month


Layne Johnson

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on,”-Albert Einstein. This quote is the best quote for April’s art student of the month. This month’s art student of the month is Bracelyn Lynn. Bracelyn is a senior at Cimarron high school. Bracelyn Lynn has participated in the art for all four years of high school. Always since she was a little girl, she loved to draw. Her grandpa was a talented artist. The effort and passion Bracelyn gives to art are genuinely inspirational. 

She wouldn’t be the amazing artist she is today without her art teacher Mr. Giebler.  Bracelyn was introduced to art in high school.  She was already a natural, but she faced one problem. She couldn’t draw human faces and hands very well. Even the most incredible artists create simple mistakes. Mr. Giebler showed her a way of drawing human faces and hands, and soon Bracelyn was a master at it. 

    Bracelyn enjoys art class because she is with classmates she never sees in the school. Art is a great class to interact with other students and make friends in the process. Bracelyn has recently finished one of her pieces, and now she will be drawing Brayley barrel racing. Although Bracelyn isn’t interested in an art career, she will continue art as a hobby. All in all, Bracelyn is a marvelous artist and has made her mark in our school as an artist.