“The Wedding” Book Review

Not Delani’s Favorite

Delani English

“The Wedding” is a dramatic romance novel written by Nicholas Sparks in 2003. Throughout the story, we follow Wilson Lewis as he plans his oldest daughter’s wedding and tries to fix his 30-year marriage to his wife Jane as he has realized she does not love him anymore. Even with Noah and Allie Calhoun, characters from “The Notebook,” as in-laws, he has failed to be present in his children’s early years and has spent most of his life in his Estate Lawyers’ office rather than at home. However, after forgetting his 29th wedding anniversary, Wilson begins planning what will be the 30th of a lifetime to try and win back Jane’s heart from the looming cloud of divorce. 

Upon finishing this book, I would personally rate it at a 3.7 out of 5 stars due to pacing and repetitiveness. The first 100 pages of this novel strictly talked about what had occurred in the past year and what Wilson was trying to do to fix his mistakes. The beginning was filled with Wilson visiting  Noah while he was at Creekside Nursing Home to get relationship advice. Which ended up being insightful, but many of their chats ended in the same way, with Wilson trying to take the initiative but then second-guessing himself time and time again. Therefore, this section was a massive drag. However, the last chapters of this novel were spectacular. The surprise that Wilson had been planning for their anniversary was nothing short of astonishing, and I did not see it coming! Even with the medium rating I’ve given it, I highly would recommend it to anyone who loves a sappy romance and needs a little tug at their heartstrings now and then!