Prom: A Guys Point of View

As a  senior, I was looking forward to prom because it’s my last high school dance ever. Last year, my class would have to set up for prom, but thankfully covid saved us but shouted out to the junior class to do a pretty good job this year. I enjoy the little dances we get to have at our school because my friends and I always try to make the best out of it, and it always ends up being a good time. Proms are slightly different from the other dances we have because it lasts a lot longer, and people are all dressed up. At prom, you don’t have a bunch of people in their groups or sitting down. It’s usually everyone in the middle just going crazy, kind of like the mosh pit.   Honestly, my favorite part of the whole dance is going ballistic with your friends in the middle, not having a care in the world.

After prom is another entering event to go to, this year, they had way more games and activities to do than in recent years, and honestly, for me, I enjoyed it a lot more than any other year. I love how we could all win prizes like TVs,mini-fridges, and speakers. The food was also excellent, and they had plenty of it so you could get full and not be hungry. Overall, if you have a chance to go to prom, go because you only get to be in high school once, so why not have the most fun you can while you’re here.