CHS Track Meet at Ness City

Zachery Harmon

 Tuesday, April 13, Cimarron High School went to Ness City for a track meet. They arrived and were ready to show out as the student-athletes made their way to their events. Field events:  Jumpers:  triple jump: sixth Lane Beery, third Tayrn Jantz, Fifth Abby Osborn, ninth Sydney Dumler.  Long jump: 14th Charlee Chaffin, 16th Shannon Salyer. High Jump second  Taryn Jantz.

Throwing Events;  Discuss-  sixth  Caitlyn Sonday, 26th Charlee Chaffin, 18th Jaxon Nation, 21st Michael Riojas, 28th Kevin Melendez, 34th Rubin Funk. Shotput – sixth Caitlyn Sonday, 26th Alex Seifried, 33rd Rubin Funk, 35th Kevin Melendez.  Javelin fifth was Melody Carter, 11th Caitlyn Sonday, tenth Micheal Riojas, 21st Jaxon Nation, 24th Alex Seifried.

Running events: the 4×8 placed fourth with Veronica Greene Gracie Millershaski Brooklyn Buehler Alexa English.  

One hundred meters in eighth Emily Goetz, in ninth Morgan Eskam, 17th Shannon Salyer, 16th Juan Arjona, 20th Eric Garcia, 28th Emanual Aguilar. 

 The mile: third David Mendez, eighth Jackie Koehn third Veronica Greene, eighth Gracie Millershaski, tenth Brooklyn Buehler

  4×1 pacings: second – Darbi Nash Taryn Jantz Emily Goetz Melody Carter, Erik Garcia Junior Perez, Gael Cardiel, Juan Arjona.

 400 the placings: third Jayna Wilson, tenth Macy Davis, 13th Caitlyn Sonday, ninth Rafael Trevino, 14th Christian Harmon, 16th Gael Cardiel, 17th Zach Harmon, 20th Eduardo Munoz.

 The 300 Hurdles was seventh Lane Beery, eighth Dakota Smith, in the 800 the placings were fifth Gracie Millershaski, sixth Alexa English, sixth Christian Harmon, Seventh Zach Harmon. 200 the placings were seventh Emily Goetz, eighth Morgan Eskam, ninth Junior Perez, tenth Gael Cardiel, 11th Juan Arjona, 16th Emanuel Aguilar, 19th Erik Garcia.

 Two-mile:  first place Veronica Greene, third David Mendez.

 4×4- sixth for the girls:  Morgan Eskam, Macey Davis, Darbi Nash, Shannon Salyer

Boys 4×4-  seventh, Christian Harmon, Gael Cardiel, Zach Harmon, Rafael Trevino 

Totals put the Cimarron girls in third place and the boys in tenth place.