Choir Travels to Branson

Aysha Kemp

CHS Choir students left Thursday, April 15th at 11:00 at night to go almost eight hours away for a weekend of fun. Arriving in Branson, MO, around 7:00 AM, their fun began. The first place to stop was Fritz Adventure in Branson, an indoor adventure land. Many choir students say that was a thrilling experience, and they would do it over again if they had the chance to. The weather wasn’t the best weather for fun, but the choir was focused on having fun under any circumstance thrown at them. 

More students said they enjoyed stopping at Silver Dollar City more than anything on the trip. The students had from 10:00 to 3:30 to ride roller coasters, pick up some lunch, and have a blast walking around together. Silver Dollar City wasn’t just an amusement park, but it also had elegant, classic stores that you could go into and look around and even buy some of the things there. They had a glass-blowing store, many candy stores, and even dress-up stores to play around with your friends and create and take home pictures of the memories. 

Most of the choir class could agree, even though they spent so much money in Branson. The choir went to a Haygood’s Concert and has brought home a DVD of the concert for times they have nothing to do, and watching memories seems like a good idea. Choir students did not only bring home all the junk they bought or the dirty clothes they had for all weekend, but they brought home memories, with how hard they worked to get to go on this trip, also during a pandemic, this will be a memory they will remember.