Reunion Concert Worth The Lack of Sleep

Estephania Anaya-Lopez

A former band, Los Bukis, reunited after 25 years for a new tour–Una Historia Cantada. After a few prior performances, the group traveled down to Texas for a series of concerts. The Arlington show in AT&T Stadium on 15 September brought a crowd of over 50,000 people flocking to hear Marco Antonio Solis, Roberto Guardarrama, Jose Javier Solis, El Chivo, and the rest of the crew.

Starting off the show with Mi Fantasia and quickly following it with fan favorites such as Me Volvï A Acordar De Ti, En Un Rato Más, Después De Un Adiós, and several more, Los Bukis had no issue getting the crowd on its feet. From wearing vaquero hats, waltzing in routine, and waving flags, the band made sure to celebrate the historic importance of 15 September–independence day for five Hispanic countries and the eve of another’s. Considering that the majority of the audience was Hispanic or of Hispanic descent, the emotional value of the day rapidly sent people into tears of joy and pride.

Witnessing Marco Antonio Solis reunite with the original Los Bukis members was something that the majority of people had passed off as an unattainable experience. The audience’s excitement over finally having an opportunity at that experience was everywhere you looked–expressions of disbelief, people dancing with partners, many with a giant smile plastered on their face, and an incredible amount of tears being wiped away. Los Bukis were astonishing to listen to; Marco Antonio’s voice hadn’t aged a day, the Guardarrama siblings displayed their virtuosity at their respective instruments, El Chivo danced from one end of the stage to the other, and the rest of the members gave their all to present a great show.

Los Bukis gave a wonderful performance and showed an aptitude for creating a sense of amity between the audience members. Whether or not they’ll progress onwards with international tours remains to be seen, but their Arlington show was, without a doubt, worthwhile.