Apply Kansas Day at CHS


Mrs. Kramer

Every October, the Apply Kansas campaign takes place in high schools across the state of Kansas. Thursday, October 21st at CHS, 35 Seniors participated, and there were a total of 55 applications sent out to colleges all across the country.  Apply the Kansas Board of Regents sponsors Kansas.  Mrs. Stebens, with the aid of Mrs. Bailey and Mrs. Friesen, work with students to help navigate the college application and the FAFSA form process.

Senior Ryleigh Dyke said, “I applied to the University of Kansas and Newman University. I was accepted into the University of Kansas but did not wholly apply to Newman. I plan to go to Barton Community College for two years, earning my associate’s degree in the study of science. After I graduate from Barton, I plan on going to KU to receive my bachelor’s degree. I’m hoping to achieve my goal of becoming an Anaesthesiologist. Apply Kansas program did help me with a lot of questions I had.

Senior Emily Acton had already applied to the college of her choice, so she worked on her FAFSA and Scholarships.
“Due to Basketball, I had previously applied to all the schools I needed to, but the opportunity to complete scholarships was something I am grateful for because I may not have had the time or tools to complete them otherwise,” said Acton.

Senior Jacee Wilson said, ” I had already completed all of my applications before this, due to track. I plan to attend Evangel University and be a part of their track team. I want to major in nursing and minor in ministry. During Apply Kansas, I worked on scholarship applications, FAFSA, and a few other things. The apply Kansas program helped me immensely.  It allowed me time to sit down and get things done that I wouldn’t have otherwise had the time to do.”


Senior Javier Vazquez said, “During Apply Kansas, I applied to Colby Community College, Wichita State University, and Kansas State University. I received an email from these colleges saying I was accepted into them. I believe the Apply Kansas time was a huge help to many students. Having college recruiters here was also a huge help as they made it easier to fill out the application forms, said Vazquez.   When asked about future plans, Javier said, “as of now are to attend Dodge City Community College and complete all of my general ed classes and prerequisites done and transfer elsewhere to continue my education. I plan on becoming a dentist.”