Red Ribbon Week Was a Success

Red Ribbon Week comes to a close today.  Students dressed up each day to play along with the fun themes created by the CHS SADD club.

Monday was pajama day, which is always a hit with students, AND the faculty!  SADD is fighting to put drugs to sleep!

Tuesday- Wear Red/Ribbon – Students from SADD were handing out red ribbons during lunches to students to help bring awareness to saying NO to drugs.

Wednesday- Anything but a backpack- “Don’t Let Drugs Weigh You Down” This was a huge hit with the students.  The halls were filled with strollers, a toboggan, cat crates, and suitcases.  Senior, Sam Fuentes brought in a baby pack-n-play for his “backpack.”

Thursday- Halloween costumes- Say Boo To Drugs.  We have heard rumors that Elvis has entered the building and there maybe a Coach Schartz imposter walking the halls of CHS!

From the Journalism classroom, it seems that this years Red Ribbon Week has been a great success with students having fun participating each day.