French Prez Macron vulgar attack on the UnVax’d

Estephania Anaya-Lopez, Reporter/Editor

French President Emmanuel Macron has been at the brunt of France’s right-wing politicians’ and unvaccinated’s ire after using vulgarity in describing how he intends to motivate the unvaccinated towards vaccination.

Following his remark, Macron elucidated his strategy, “we have to tell them: from January 15, you will no longer be able to go to the restaurant…for a coffee…to the theatre…to the cinema.” He topped his plan with, “When my freedoms threaten those of others, I become someone irresponsible. Someone irresponsible is not a citizen.”

These comments were made months before the French presidential election, from April 10 to April 24. With Valérie Pécresse providing a strong opposition, President Macron’s recent comments put his re-appointment during the upcoming election at risk.