New Years Resolutions


Ayla Faullin, Reporter/Feature Writer

The dawn of a new year comes with many traditions from many different countries; eating 12 grapes at midnight in Spain, smashing dishes in Denmark, and for us in America, watching the ball drop in New York City. All over the world, people celebrate the beginning of a fresh year with as much hope and potential as they can muster. One other common New Year’s tradition is making resolutions for the coming months. New Year’s resolutions often have a divided standing: you either like them or don’t. Many people have trouble keeping resolutions or find it silly to make goals. 

According to statistics, only 12% of people finish their yearly goals, despite the whopping one in four Americans making resolutions. After one week, around 75% of people reach their goals, but the number drops to 46% after approximately six months. There are a lot of different causes for failed resolutions. One common reason is setting unrealistic expectations and failing to keep track of progress. One study shows that about 23% of people forget about their resolutions at some point during the year. 55% of Americans don’t even make New Year’s resolutions.  

If you want to be a part of the small percentage of people who achieve their resolutions, you can do a few helpful things. Make sure that your goals are realistic but also specific. For example, if you resolve to be healthier this year, make a list of things you can do to be healthier, like exercising for 15 minutes a day or drinking a certain amount of water each day. The more detailed your goals are, the more likely you will remember and practice them throughout the year. Another thing you can do is make sure to track your progress. It can be discouraging not to know how far you have come along, so make sure you make a habit of following your journey. Remember not to overdo things and burn yourself out in the first month. Habits and goals take time, so start things off slowly. And lastly, don’t give up if you make a mistake. Don’t quit if your goal was to read every day and miss a day! As long as you don’t give up, you are sure to succeed in your goals. 

So as we start 2022, let’s set high goals and live this year as best as we possibly can, with the positivity and hope that comes with a fresh new start.