MOVIE REVIEW: American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story

MOVIE REVIEW:  American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story

Estephania Anaya-Lopez

American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story (2021) centers around a former athlete caught while raising a family and pursuing his lifelong passion: football. The film surrounds Kurt Warner’s (Zachary Levi) progression from an undrafted player to Super Bowl champion and MVP. Warner faces the stress of raising a family with Brenda Warner (Anna Paquin) while shifting from job to job and trying to make it in the National Football League.

American Underdog’s cinematography was excellent, with Kristopher Kimlin doing a brilliant stand-out job at combining legitimate reels from NFL games with modern movie takes. Furthermore, the movie’s writers did a sublime job at making the film emotionally compelling for audience members–genuinely spurring a sentiment for Kurt Warner throughout his strife–and creating a familial ambiance between oneself and the characters of the movie.

In general, the movie was well made despite its somewhat generic “dark horse/long shot rising to the top” storyline and was very moving. There was a strong inclination to support Kurt Warner and his then-St. Louis Rams, regardless of any prior team affiliations that the audience members may have had (I, a New Orleans Saints fan, should have rancor for the Rams after the 2018 no-call, yet I found myself in tears several times throughout the film). Overall, the movie brought the audience behind some of the most desirable and respectable characteristics: strength in the face of adversity, hard work, and perseverance.