Boris Johnson in Hot Water for Garden Party


Estephania Anaya-Lopez, Editor/News writer

Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister, has offered his “heartfelt apologies” after admitting his attendance at a garden party in 10 Downing Street on May 20, 2020, while Britons were still not permitted to gather due to a Covid lockdown.

Johnson asserts that he entered the garden only to “thank groups of staff before going back into [his] office 25 minutes later” and recognizes that, though he believed it to be a work event, he should’ve dismissed the staff back inside. Furthermore, as he was continuing his apology, he lightly mentioned that it “could be said technically to fall within the guidance,” much to the audible disapproval of the Members of Parliament.

However, an email sent by Martin Reynolds, Johnson’s principal private secretary, has been leaked and shown as inviting staff members to “have some socially distanced drinks in the No. 10 garden” and “make the most of this lovely weather.”

The Prime Minister’s apology was met with some harsh criticism, as Sir Keir Starmer deemed it “so ridiculous that it’s offensive to the British public,” leaving the MPs in laughter, as Boris Johnson’s future as Prime Minister remains up in the air for the time being.