Forensics Ready To Begin

Korey Bond. Rona Kramer

With the start of the new semester comes the start of Forensics season.  Head Coach Brandy Brock states it’s a joyous time of the year. Coach Brock and Assistant Coach Janelle Bond love coaching Forensics and their love and energy feed into the students.  The 2021 season was solely virtual tournaments, a challenge and nowhere near as exciting.  However, this year, in-person meets are scheduled, so people were excited to get back to a regular season. That also means traditions will come back for the team, such as pie wars, sibling battles, and the Murder Mystery introduced in March last year. 

The team has over 50 students competing. A competitor must attend at least four tournaments and enter three events per tournament. The Forensics team can be a National Qualifying team this year, which would mean a trip to Washington DC. The team is excited about this year’s season.