Love by Any Name is Beautiful


Ayla Faullin

Love, noun. An intense feeling of deep affection. Love is a word used without a proper understanding of its meaning. The media portrays love as a romantically and often passionate feeling, whether from Disney’s fairy tales to the many, many dramas that have been produced. But something I think we often forget is that love isn’t just about romance. On Valentine’s Day, so many girls feel worthless or depressed because so many believe that the only kind of love out there is between two lovers. But there are many other types of love, and they should be just as celebrated because they are just as important. The Greeks had names for each of the six types of love, individual words to signify the diversity in love forms.  

Eros, or sexual passion, is the first form of love the Greek’s used, named after the Greek god of fertility. It was not necessarily seen as a positive love and usually seen as an irrational loss of control which many people feared. 

Philia is the type of love that describes deep friendship. I think we often forget that friendship is also a type of love that can sometimes run deeper than romantic relationships. The Greeks took this type of love very seriously. It revolves deeply around loyalty, camaraderie, and sacrifice. A different kind of philia called storge is used to describe the love between parents and children. This type of love may be the strongest bond out there, rooted in so much more than just desire. In today’s society, it is often seen as strange to tell a friend that you love them, but the truth is that this is also love. 

Ludus, or playful love, is a love that is casual and gentle, much less serious than philia. It is a love represented in innocent and fun affection between children or when you eat with friends. It is not intense but lighthearted and tender.

Pragma is a long-standing love, as found in older married couples. It focuses mainly on compromise, patience, and teamwork, leading to a long and happy relationship. Pragma disagrees with ‘falling in love’ and focuses more on giving love than receiving it. It is the type of love that comes in a marriage that genuinely believes in “Till death do us part.”

There is a type of Greek love specifically for loving yourself, called philautia. Self-love is valuable, and sometimes it’s easy to forget that you need a little love too. However, there is a difference between narcissism and self-love, and it’s essential to draw the line. But without self-love, it is harder to love others. It’s important to feel confident and comfortable with who you are. 

The last type of love, and possibly the hardest to achieve, is agape love. It is a selfless love extended toward everyone. It’s the highest form of love out there and one that is steadily disappearing in our world. It is easy to believe that people you don’t know or don’t deserve your love or anyone else’s. But the fact is, we are all people, living, breathing human beings. We all have thoughts and feelings, dreams and sorrows. We are all struggling together on earth, trying to find a purpose for our lives. Everyone deserves love. 

There are so many types of love on this earth, and you should let the people you love know. Life is so short and unexpected, and anything can happen. Tell your mother you love her, hug your friend, and remember that it is all real and beautiful whether your love is philia or pragma, Ludus or storge, it is all beautiful.