Halo The Series Coming to Paramount Plus


Robert Cowser

The Halo series has come a long way to where it is now. Going from Halo, a game by Ubisoft back in 2001, which was 21 years ago, and looking back on it, the game series has changed a lot. I’m glad they’re bringing another Halo Tv series because it has been maybe a few or more years since an actual movie came out for the game series. Although it is a movie, it still had its part in the franchise and animated series either on Netflix or on actual TV. I grew up watching an old but still good Netflix series that no longer shows there. It’s called “Red vs. Blue,” and it was probably the best series of Halo I’ve ever seen. But I do hope that they do better to exceed my expectations, as the animated series of Halo was a complete disappointment because I genuinely didn’t like how the creators of the series changed almost everything in the game series.  Dramatizing an epic 26th-century conflict between humanity and an alien threat known as the Covenant, Halo the series will weave personal stories with action, adventure, and a creative imagined vision of the future. Halo the series will be streaming in 2022, exclusively on Paramount+. The series stars Pablo Schreiber (Master Chief, John-117), Natascha McElhone (Dr. Halsey), Jen Taylor (Cortana), Bokeem Woodbine (Soren-066) and more.