Book Review: Not Even Bones by Rebecca Schaeffer

Ayla Faullin

Not Even Bones is not a brand new book, but it’s an excellent read. The story follows Nita, who helps her mother dissect the bodies of unnatural, mythical creatures like unicorns or vampires. They also dissect zanies, strange humanoid creatures that eat others’ pain to survive. 

The book covers the theme of moral struggles. Nita feels as if she is not necessarily a bad person because she wasn’t the one who did the killing. She can justify her dissections because they’re already dead. But her morals are questioned when her mother brings a living boy home for the first time.

Nita decides to listen to her conscience and help him escape but pays the price of being sold herself to the black market. There, she meets a zannie named Kovit, and her descent into moral depravity begins as she decides if she’s willing to become the worst kind of monster to survive. 

It was Rebecca Schaeffer’s debut novel, drawing you into a world where fantasy isn’t perfect. It’s the first book in the Market of Monsters series, covering Nita’s adventure and moral struggles. The book also got a Webtoon adaptation, drawn by Glamist. It’s an excellent time to start the illustrated series. 

If fantasy and horror interest you, the Market of Monsters series is a great one to check out, whether you decide to read it in novel form or catch up on the nearly 100 exceptionally drawn episodes on Webtoon. Whichever you choose, it’s an intense and fascinating read.