Is Letter Writing a Lost Art?


Ayla Faullin, Feature Writer

Almost all communication is done over technology in today’s society, whether with one-on-one messaging or social media involving groups. But letter writing is a precious art and should be brought back into everyday practice. Here are four reasons letter writing is more beneficial than social media contact.

  • Letter writing gives you time to reflect on your writing before sending it. Often, we send things over the internet in the heat of the moment that we regret. When writing a letter to someone, you have time to calm down and think about what you have said. You may end up never sending the letter, but it’s a great way to write. 
  • Letter writing can relieve depression symptoms and make you feel happier. Research shows that writing letters can give you what is called ‘author benefits.’ You end up feeling more satisfied and happier with your communication. Having someone as a pen-pal also helps relieve depression symptoms by making you feel less isolated and giving you a close connection you wouldn’t otherwise have. 
  • Letters are a precious keepsake that you can keep for a long time. Messages come and go and can be deleted or lost. Each letter is unique because it took time and thought to create. You can hold onto them for years, a special reminder of love. 
  • It is a screen-free activity that can improve your relationships. Not only can letter writing help your handwriting be neat, but it can also keep you close to the special people in your life. It doesn’t have to be people who live far away; getting a letter from someone you see every day can still be special. Even if it’s just a quick note, everyone wants to feel thought of and appreciated.

Whatever way you look at it, letter writing is beneficial. It’s a great way to send a meaningful message to the people you love. So, if you feel inclined, write a letter to someone important to you, because life is short.