Steven Universe is a Blast from the Past

Steven Universe is a Blast from the Past

Ayla Faullin, Feature Writer

Sometimes, newer isn’t better than old. It can be refreshing to watch something older as someone who missed out on many classic cartoons; watching them now has been a delightful experience. One such case is the 2013 Cartoon Network show, Steven Universe. 

Steven Universe is a coming-of-age story following the young Steven Universe, a half-human, half Crystal Gem. The other Crystal Gems, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, fight evil and look after Steven. Together, they fight corrupted gems and have fun adventures while Steven learns valuable lessons.

The show is humorous and lighthearted but carries profound emotional moments and meaningful themes. It has the typical Cartoon Network strangeness, but it’s not so ridiculous that it’s not relatable. Some episodes are purely meant to be funny, and others have so much emotional meaning that it moves me to tears. 

Steven Universe may not be a new show, but it’s a fascinating one, and I’d recommend giving a watch or a rewatch if you ever want to watch an emotional and hilarious show.