What is this Z Symbol?

Wearing Z may get you prosecuted

What is this Z Symbol?

Estephania Anaya-Lopez

The state of Berlin’s interior minister has said that people displaying the “Z” symbol–now nearly synonymous with support for Russia’s war in Ukraine–may be prosecuted.

After the states of Bavaria and Lower Saxony announced repercussions for wearing the “Z,” a representative for the federal government’s Interior Ministry stated, “The letter Z, as such, is of course not forbidden, but its use may, in individual cases, constitute an endorsement of the Russian war of aggression.”

The spokesperson continued to call Russia’s war a “criminal act.”

The opposite seems to be happening in Russia, as, reportedly, a Russian man was fined about $2,800USD for spitting on a “Z.” The true meaning of the symbol is unknown, with guesses varying from a connection to Zorro to Russian’s “zapad” (west), but always representing an endorsement of Russia’s attack.