Staff and Students Share Poems

Staff and Students Share Poems

A Sonnet

by Mr. Lichty

The untrod pads are curled within the womb,

Whose tender soles have never felt the soil,

Their virgin path is furthest from the tomb,

Which runs abreast along their mortal coil.

A pensive crawl gives way to ‘sured run,

And feet know not but amble, sprint, and play.

This time of life mirrored by brilliant Sun,

While thoughts of Night can scantly breach the Day.

Then playful feet are strapped in leather soles,

Their booted heels to walk where they are told.

Once rambling roads now cast into a lull.

The straightened path leaves little to behold.

But yet the heart for Days of youth doth crave,

As feet march ever onward toward the grave.


I Remember

by Jonathan Lara

Year three, I have no strong memories

Year five, I remember my favorite movie. 

Year seven, I remember my first bike.

Year ten, I remember my family tree.

Year fifteen, I remember my dreams.

Year eighteen, I follow my dreams. 


Death of an Amphibian

by Zachary Lopez

Cold winter air

Rushes into the trees

Many creatures freeze

Happiness is a fallacy 

Life is an illusion

The frog is dead



by Kade Moler

The leaves of fall stirred, 

Littering the ground.

Atop a house, there was a bird,

No one else was around. 

Until a man enveloped in red

Shot the bird dead. 


Snow Day

by Alexa English

My fingers shrivel in the cold

My body aches as if I’m old

My big boots tramp through the snow

Wind is gruesome as it blows

Spring is near and away goes the cold



by Ethan Ogles

Bugs stop flying, 

Temperature starts dropping.
Warm is leaving,

Cold is filling.

Leaves are gone,

Winter is on. 



by Ryan Hamilton

Springtime’s upon us

It is time to plant corn seeds

Then pray for moisture