Mental Health Well Being Tips


Robert Cowser

Mental Health is something I think we all need in life to function in today’s society. There should be a dedicated mental health check-up person, someone to help boost your mental state and sit or stand and listen to what’s on your head. It’s believed that when one with very poor mental health venting or talking about it helps one with their mental health, it’s proven to reduce stress. According to, some of the warning signs that a person’s mental health is poor are Eating or sleeping too much or too little, Pulling away from people and usual activities, Having low or no energy, Feeling numb, or like nothing matters, etc. Ways that can help with someone’s mental health: Getting professional help if you need it, Connecting with others, Staying positive, etc. Positive Mental Health allows people to realize their full potential, Cope with the stresses of life, Work productively, Make meaningful contributions to their communities, etc.